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Q: Dearest Diego,
I have this bad habit - I screenshot all of your asks. so my gallery is filled with your asks (and ur photos!) what do I do?! I don't wanna delete 'em :(

put em down on a book and give me 50% of your sales.

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Q: How come you're not religious ? I mean did something bad happen that you don't believe in god?

why does something bad have to happen? i just believe in myself and what i can achieve and i personally dont think any god can help me or whatever, its just my way of thinking, if people dont agree or have other beliefs i really do not care. 

Everybody believes in what they think is the truth, and the truth is different for each individual.

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Q: stop wearing that bucket hat pls

go back to 2006 and leave me alone.

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Q: You can't just no believe in "religion" Religion is real. Believe or not REAL people follow religions. Now you may not believe in the way the religion is run, or the beliefs of the religion, but religion ITSELF is real. Just not particularly it's contents. Religions is fundamentally a lucky dip; you can see the bag, but what's really in it you don't know till you truly find out. You may be beautiful, but don't be an idiot, please.

imposing your own beliefs thinking they are the only right ones is a thing idiot people do.

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Q: Since you're Spanish, do you know how to dance?

what is this

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Q: are you religious? so yes, what is the religion you follow?

i dont believe in religions. 

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Q: 5 fave artists atm

Travis scott
Danny brown
Xavier wulf

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Q: I don't get why you aren't actually studying besides modeling.. I mean you seem to be a smart guy tho

i learn from everything, i study everyday. 

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Q: Are you excited for travi$ Scott's new album ?

HELLLL YEA and partynextdoor’s

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Q: What's your favourite song at the moment?

Backflip - Casey veggies ft iamsu

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Q: What do you think are the most annoying characteristics of people ?

Drama bitches

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Q: You know you were Heat magazine this month? 👏

I do know lollll

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